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Wesley United Methodist Church
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Welcome to Wesley United Methodist Church

Wesley United Methodist Church Strasburg PA1 Welcome to Wesley United Methodist Church

Come experience the P. O. W. E. R. at Wesley United Methodist Church!

Our Mission:
Nurture passionate and committed believers making disciples of Jesus Christ by daily Prayer, Outreach, Worship, Education, and Rejoicing offering service and hospitality to foster harmony and transform lives emotionally and spiritually.

Sunday Worship in Lent

Sunday Worship in Lent
8:30 & 10:50 am:
“Why Did Jesus Die?”
A Grand Jury Investigation Into The Trial And Execution of Jesus
Our Lenten Worship will be a dramatic series challenging worshippers to consider the ways we are participants in the reality of the cross:

And yet in spite of all this, actually because of all this,

-As the attorney who prosecutes

-As the witness who testifies

-As the juror who condemns

Jesus went to the cross to forgive and to save.

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Noah´s Rainbow

2013 Summer Camp
Session Two: July 23 - August 8