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We are a United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church was birthed in 1968 with the merger of the former Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist Churches. Learn more about the United Methodist Church's History.

As United Methodists we believe in...

blog3 As United Methodists we believe in...
  • One true living God
  • God revealed in the Trinity
  • God the Father - Creator of heaven and earth,
  • God the Son, who came to earth through the Christ who came in Jesus - Savior and Redeemer,
  • God the Spirit - Advocate, Counselor, and Comforter.
  • The reality of evil and sin in the world.
  • The forgiveness of sin and the life saving love-offer through God's only Son: Jesus.
  • The Authority of God's Word found within the pages of the Bible.

Worship Services

blog5 Worship Services

Wesley United Methodist Church is committed to connecting people through communication, fellowship and worship. We are currently holding simultaneous in-person, online, and telephonic worship services. While attending services in person, out of respect for one another's health, we comply with current CDC and state guidance.

Online and telephonic participation is through Zoom. We also offer twice-daily opportunities on weekdays to connect and talk about whatever is on our minds and in our hearts via Zoom:

The following phone numbers are good for any Zoom session:
301 715 8592 (Washington DC)
929 205 6099 (New York)
312 626 6799 (Chicago)
346 248 7799 (Houston)
669 900 6833 (San Jose)
253 215 8782 (Tacoma)

Toll free:
877 853 5247
888 788 0099
833 548 0276
833 548 0282

Please note that all meetings now include a passcode, which you may be required to enter when you connect.

9:00 AM Sunday Worship Service -- January 10th to December 19th
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 843 3706 8398 Passcode: 046619

11:00 AM Weekday Morning Chat -- June 1st to July 30th
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 896 9315 8467 Passcode: 787276

7:30 PM Weekday Evening Chat -- June 1st to July 30th
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 860 0279 5981 Passcode: 564724

As United Methodists, we believe in

blog6 As United Methodists we believe in

the Historic Christian Creeds - the Apostle's and the Nicene Creeds.

To read more about what we believe as United Methodists read the Foundational Documents of the United Methodist Faith.

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