The Heart of Wesley

blogTL The Heart of Wesley

Mission is the heart of Wesley. We seek to live out the Matthew 25 mandate: To feed the hungry, give the thirsty a drink, cloth the naked, care for the sick, visit the prisoner, and welcome the stranger.

Our purpose is to empower individuals to give what they are able to give, and to do what they are able to do. To this end our Missional Goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus: Locally, Nationally and Internationally.


blogBL National

We participate in storm recovery efforts. Team: Wesley is our mission team which is open to all who desire to participate.


blogBR International

Through UMCOR – United Methodist Committee on Relief – we support relief work around the world. For example, through UMCOR, we participated in the vast relief efforts following the devastating earthquake which hit Haiti.

In additional to financial gifts, we support Local, National, and International mission through the giving and preparation of UMCOR Relief Kits: Cleaning Buckets; Health Kits; School Kits; Layette Kits. Our mission teams to Mission Central also support the preparation and shipping of these supplies locally, nationally and internationally.